Slothtrader Online Help - OVERVIEW/STATS PAGE

Blue "Action Bar" above stats...
Reload stats: Updates statistics display.
Add new trade: Add a new trade to the database.
Site config: See Site Config page.
Show outbound list: Displays internal outbound rank. Top of the list gets the next trade hit.
Update script: See Update Script page.
Statistics display...
The stats display is organised into three sections: the left hand side shows the domain, ratio, and quality value.
The middle section shows in/out/return/glcl/trcl/excl statistics for the current hour.
The right hand section shows in/out/return/glcl/trcl/excl statistics for the past 23 hours plus the current hour.

domain is the domain name of the trade. There are links underneath this to edit the trade, and view IP/language/referer logs. A normal trade has the domain name with a  white  background;  blue  is a disabled trade (either manually or a new signup);  red  is a trade automatically suspended by Slothtrader.
ratio is the configured ratio for this trade. A higher value will cause the trade to rank higher in the outbound list, and vice versa.
qual is the calculated quality of this trade. Higher values of qual generally get sent more hits. The larger figure shows the actual qual, and the smaller figure below it shows the effective qual used by the script (qual multipled by ratio)
in is raw hits in.
out is unique hits out.
return is the percentage of hits in versus hits out. A return of 100% is an equal number of hits out to hits in.
glcl is a count of clicks sent to galleries.
trcl is a count of clicks sent to trades.
excl is a count of clicks after the trade list has been exhausted.
prod is the average number of clicks that each surfer generates. 100% prod means they click 1 time, 200% prod means they click 2 times, and so on.

The special pseudodomain bookmark counts surfers that were originally referred by a link, but have today returned via a bookmark or type-in.
The special pseudodomain notrade is for surfers that use your site with a valid referer, but a domain that is not in your trade list.
The special psuedodomain noref is for surfers that use your site without presenting a valid referer (this includes a blank one)
The special psuedodomain nocookie is for clicks sent to sloth_out.php that do not have the tracking cookie set. This happens when a surfer has cookies disabled, or they have not loaded the page with sloth_in.php included within the past 24 hours. This will also happen if you have not included sloth_in.php on your TGP page!