Slothtrader Online Help - SITE CONFIG

This page configures all of the general Slothtrader options. You can access the site config by clicking on "Site Config" in the blue action bar at the top of the stats/overview page.

  • Trades send to: Your site URL. This is shown on the signup form. This must be the page where you have included sloth_in.php
  • Default new trade ratio: The ratio assigned to new trades. This can be changed by editing the trade.
  • Default new trade status: This is for webmaster signups from sloth_webmaster.php. "New trade is Disabled" means that a new signup will have the status of disabled (blue); "New trade is Enabled" will have the status of enabled (white/normal); "No new trades allowed" means that new signups are not permitted (trade form closed)
  • Signup page info/rules: Enter your rules here. They will be displayed on the signup page.

  • Toplist update frequency: This defines how often your toplist updates. Periods below 5 minutes are not recommended. Set to "Don't update toplist" if you do not require a toplist to be generated.
  • Toplist template files: These templates are located in the sloth_toplist/ directory, named <filename>.tpl . Separate each filename with a space.
      The fields you can use within each template are:
    %DOMAINx% - replaced with the trade's domain
    %HITSINx% - replaced with the trade's hits in count
    %HITSOUTx% - replaced with the trade's hits out count
    %CLICKSx% - replaced with the trade's clicks
    %URLx% - replaced with the trade's URL
    %NAMEx% - replaced with the trade's name
    %DESCx% - replaced with the trade's description
    %TRADELINKx% - replaced with HTML that includes a link to the trade (via sloth_out.php) and the trade's name.
    Note: Replace "x" with a number between 1 and 99 inclusive. Top position is 1.
  • Toplist rank type: Select "Ranked by HITS IN" for a standard toplist, ranked by most hits in to least hits in; select "Ranked by TRADE QUALITY" to move better quality trades to the top - the toplist mirrors the internal outbound list; select "Ranked by CLICKS" to rank the toplist by most to least clicks. Note that if you select the trade quality option, you should set the update frequency to be reasonably often (at least once per 15 mins)

  • sloth_in.php include type: This lets you choose between a PHP include (.php page, cookies set in HTTP headers), or SSI include (.shtml page, cookies set with Javascript). See the bottom of the stats page for suitable include codes. Changing this option without immediately changing your TGP page will cause problems with your site.
  • NOCOOKIE redirect URL: Where you would like surfers that load sloth_out.php without cookies enabled redirected to. If this is left blank then clicks will be sent to galleries.
  • EXCL redirect URL: Where to send surfers after they have been sent to all trades. If this is left blank, surfers will be sent to only galleries after the trade list is exhausted.
  • Limit skimmed clicks to: After this many clicks, send skimmed clicks to the EXCL redirect URL, or galleries only if that field is blank. Do not send any further clicks to trades.
  • Algorithm aggressiveness: Default is 50%. Don't change this unless you are prepared to watch your site carefully. This value defines the sharing of hits between trades of different ranks. 1% will oversend to small trades; 100% will send too much to your top trade and not enough to others. We recommend you do not permanently deviate more than +/- 20% of the default value.

  • New username: If you would like a new username for the admin login, enter it here.
  • New password: If you would like a new password for the admin login, enter it here.
  • Notification email: If specified, an email will be sent when a webmaster signs up their site. This may not work reliably (or at all) with some configurations.
  • Registration Key: (Paid version only) This is where your registration key is stored.