Slothtrader Online Help - UPDATE SCRIPT

This page allows you to automatically update Slothtrader to the most recent release, via the web. New versions of each of the script files are downloaded directly from Trade and site configs are not changed by this update, but it is strongly recommended that you review the site config after an update to see if there are any new options that need to be configured. You can view the site config on the demo site at (login: demo pass: tryme) to get an idea of what any new options should be set to.

Things you should know:
1. Only execute this function if you originally downloaded and installed your script via
2. Updating from a significantly older version may render the script incapable of operating properly. It is strongly recommended that you back up all sloth*.php files in your web root, plus the entire contents of the sloth_data directory, so that you can revert to the older version if there is a problem.