Slothtrader TGP/CJ trading script

Slothtrader is a trading script that can be used on skimming TGPs or CJs. It does not require a MySQL database, Zend decoder, or crontab entries... so it can be used on virtually any web host that supports PHP.

This script is free to download and use; it redirects 1% of the clicks on your site to a clean TGP. If you like the script, upgrading to a paid version is easy and painless. (Introductory price for the paid version is $100 per domain.)

Slothtrader has an online demo available:
admin/stats username: demo password: tryme
sample trade signup page
sample TGP using Slothtrader (Warning: adult content)

Slothtrader offers a web based easy install which creates all necessary directories and files: - if you are uploading to your web site via FTP
sloth_install.tar.gz - if you want to un-tar directly onto your server

Some hosts do not support the web based install. If this fails, you may install Slothtrader manually: - if web install fails. - if web update fails.

NOTE: You may see PHP errors when you complete the install and login to the admin. This is normal when no trades are defined, and the statistics database is empty. Once you add a trade these errors should disappear completely.

Communicate with the author and other users at the Slothtrader Support Forum

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